This page lists common construction terms and examples of substandard work.

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Questions you should ask to qualify your concrete contractor before requesting an estimate:
1. What will you to to adjust for a hot weather concrete installation, in order to maintain workability?

A: Use a Retarder to hold back cure time

2. What will you do to adjust for a cold weather concrete installation?

Use an accelerator to promote faster cure before nightfall to provide the proper finish phase.

3. What formula is used to calculate proper depth of control joints?

A: 25% of Concrete thickness, 1" Depth for 4" thickness to perform properly.

4. Who is ACI?

A: American Concrete Institute

5. What is ASR?

Alkaline Silica Reaction - Defective aggregate that generates a gel and expands creating pop up and leaving voids.

6. What is a slump test?

A: A slump test is done to measure water contents in the concrete mix design, to control shrinkage.

7. Is it ok to install concrete on a windy day, say 25mph+?

A: No, you will create spalling.

8. Do you introduce more water to provide higher workability?

A: Never, this increases shrinkage and structural cracks.

9. Are you a C-8 Concrete contractor / what is a C-8?

A: C-8 is a classification given to specialty contractors by the California State Licensing Board.

10. What is the legal maximum deposit allowed under law?

A: 10% or $1,000, whichever is less, except if it is a custom project.

11. Do you use wire or rebar as still reinforcement? If wire, how do you prevent it from lying on the bottom of the pour?

12. Do you offer Integrated Color into your concrete? How do you fold in the color?

13. Are you familiar with Acid Wash treatments?

14. Do you offer saw-cut joints? Do you install them or subcontract for saw-cutting?

15. Do you install concrete base before pouring concrete?

16. What is the percentage of compaction?


Unlike the other 4 contractors I had come out to bid on the project, Ron provided a thorough estimate outlining the work with a fixed cost. Ron and his crew replaced our entire driveway and walkway, and we are extremely pleased with the results.

Helen S., Altadena, CA